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Medicare for Oklahomans... Government health insurance for medicare choices for Oklahomabeneficaries in Oklahoma who have worked 40 quarters or a beneficiary under 65 who qualifies for Social Security disability.

There are many Medicare choices for A, B, C, & D.  At the Well Preserved Advisory Group, we assist clients with the best choice that fits their situation.

"Donut hole" = coverage gap... What?!? We can help!

Or if you want to call and talk, we'd be happy to talk!! (405) 606-4893.

Enrolling for the Medicare coverage that best suits your needs is a valuable step while enrollment is open for you. No matter what your situation, let us inform and guide you through this complex process. RSVP for one of our Medicare Resource Events or schedule your own complimentary consultation today. (405) 606-4893.

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