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Eunice has been an independent agent since 1989, specializing in:

Medicare • Long-Term Care Planning • Retirement Planning

Past Salutes

12-30-17 Sam Gillaspy

12-16-17 Vicki Hogan

12-09-17 Frances Khoury-Welcome Home Aunt Frances!

12-02-17 Laverne Joiner

11-25-17 Joyce Conley

11-18-17 Bob and Lawanda May-62 Years of marriage! Happy Anniversary!

11-11-17 Veterans Day Salute Professor John T. Fishel

11-04-17 Joan Clarke- Surprise! She didn't know

10-28-17 Robin Orfill- That is her on the right!

10-21-17 Maudie Moff- 90 Years of Blessing People's Lives!

10-14-17 Sue Dugger

10-07-17 Lois Wooten- 103 Years Young!

9-30-17 Nancie Webb

9-23-17 Georg and Margaret Sachse- Happy 56th Anniversary

9-16-17 Jean Cox Happy Birthday

9-9-17 Clorinda Hubbs Happy Birthday

9-2-17 Genie Wilson Happy 90th Birthday

8-26-17 Remembering Frank Broyles

8-19-17 Billye Selby

8-12-17 Will Murchison with RSVP-A great man in our community

8-5-17 - Joann Stucker
 (left) with Luther TRIAD member Wanda. Have your heard of the lady that made over 300 clothing items for missions?

7-28-17 Karen Stark! Pictured are some of the HUGS PROJECT volunteers Don, Martha, Karen Stark, Rustyne & Karen Kelly - HUGS PROJECT!

7-22-17 - Dr. Dean Robertson, a fantastic Centenarian

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7-15-17- Hughes Hottel is 100 years young!
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July 8 - Art Minick

June 30th - Lavonne Hatfield

Salute #713 - June 24th - Robert & Betty Fulton!

Bob Willis
Salute #712 - June 17 - Bob Willis

Salute #711 - June 10 -  Barbara Anoatubby

Salute #710 - June 3 -  Norm Nelson

Salute #709 - May 27th
- Len Mottern pictured with Courtney & Johnny Thornton, Doris Mottern.

Satlue #708 - May 20, 2017 - Alma McGlone

Salute #707 - May 13, 2017 - Connie Dollens (with son Mickey Dollens)

Salute #706 - May 6, 2017 - Gary Tippit (pictured with Eunice's son Rob)

Salute #705 - April 29, 2017- Coach Don Jolly

Salute #704 - April 22, 2017 - Kenny Harmon

Salute #703- April 15, 2017 - David Theis

Salute #702- April 8, 2017 - Paul and Kim Sanders

3-18-17 Broadus Hale

3-11-17 Mary Jane Maidet 


3-4-17 David Young

2-23-17 Mary Hollenback

2-18-07 Carlene Pearce

2-11-17 Maxine-DeCocq

2-4-16 Rev. Dr. James C. Coats

1-28-17 Billie Fritch

1-21-17 Audra Fox 

1-14-16 Rachel Chaney

1-7-16 Ray Coppin

12-31-16 Bobbie Diffee Gunn

12-17-16 Glenn Boyer

12-10-16 Well Preserved Salute 
Kathryn Marvin

12-3-16 Joan Clarke

11-26-16 Retired Lt Col Mike Sloniker

11-19-16 Jan Murray

11-12-16 Gary Evers

Eric Conrad

10-28-16 Sharon Wlliams

10-22-16 Jackie Susud

June Ramey
10-15-16 June Ramey

Carl Woodard 

10-1-16 Jean Stephens

9-24-16 Doris Wilson

9-17-16 Maxine Wheelan- An incredible lady pictured here with all the OKC police & Sheriff in OKC!

well preserved Well Preserved Salute 9-10-16 Mary Ogen

well preserved Well Preserved Salute 
9-2-16 Barbara & Fred McGinn

8-27-16 Addilee Coleman

8‐20‐2016 Pauline Whittemore‐
her birthday August 17th this week makes her 97! WOW!

well preserved salute billye selby8‐13‐2016 Billye Selby

well preserved Salute  carrie beaver dale beaver8‐6‐2016 Carrie & Dale Beaver ‐ It’their 65th anniversary!

well preserved Salute  ingrid simon7‐30‐2016 Ingrid Simon

well preserved Salute  kenny randall7‐23‐2016 Kenny Randall
Kenny has just been awarded 40 years with NewView Oklahoma!

well preserved Salute  catherine ford7‐16‐2016 Catherine Ford
nominated by Garner T. Watson

well preserved Salute  genny perry7‐9‐2016 Genny Perry‐ Happy 91st Birthday, Lady!

well preserved Salute  evelyn lock7‐2‐2016 Evelyn Lock‐ She will be 95!

well preserved Salute  ben lacy6‐25‐2016 Ben Lacey

well preserved Salute  ethridge gunn6‐18‐2016 Alma Frost Ethridge Gunn
She’s 99!

well preserved Salute  don mcduff6‐11‐2016 Don McDuff

well preserved Salute  eric oeschA VERY SPECIAL Well Preserved Salute : ERIC OESCH. ERIC is not “Well Preserved” but his his diligence has made the Red Earth Festival one of the Top 10 Festivals in America

well preserved Well Preserved Salute  joy ayers5-28-2016 Joy Ayers— reflecting on Veterans.

well preserved Well Preserved Salute  larry hardinALSO 5-28-2016: Larry Hardin— Larry is a Vietnam Vet!

well preserved Well Preserved Salute  jessie jordan5-21-2016 Jessie Jordan

well preserved Well Preserved Salute  james hadden5-14-2016 James Hadden

well preserved Well Preserved Salute  myrna villers5-7-2016 Jasper Biddy

well preserved Well Preserved Salute  myrna villers4-30-2016 Myrna Villers — Happy Birthday, Myrna!

James LePak 4-23-16 James LePak

wilma snowbarger 4-16-16 Wilma Snowbarger, Baptist Village

johnny callahan 4-9-16 Johnny Callahan

jean pereya 4-2-16 Jean Pereya
93 years young!

Well Preserved Well Preserved Salute  Janice Barton - happy birthday!

Well Preserved Well Preserved Salute  3-19-16 Bob Strain

gordon gunn 3-12-16 Gordon Gunn

Well Preserved Well Preserved Salute 

3-5-16 Glayce Williams —94
Nominated by Baptist Village

jimmie and catheriene brownell

2-27-16 Jimmie & Catherine Brownell

ruth lackey

2-20-16 Ruth Lackey

harold kennedy

2-13-16 Harold Kennedy

marilyn hanson

2-6-16 Marilyn Hanson

Ken and Sara Flaming

1-30-16 Ken & Sara Flaming

Stan and Lisbeth Alexander

1-23-16 Stan & Lisbeth Alexander who are celebrating their 60th Anniversary TODAY! January 21, 2016!

Betty Collier

1-13-16 Betty Collier, a lady with a heart for Volunteering!

Thomas Burton

1-9-16 Thomas Burton
97 years young!

Mike Armstrong1-2-16 Mike Armstrong

Betty Davis12-19-15 Betty Davis

Evelyn Riggs12-12-15 Evelyn Riggs

Dr. Roger and Sharon Deapen10/24/15 Dr. Roger Deapen

Wiley Campbell 10-2-15 Wiley Campbell

Terry and Eunice Aldrich9-18-15 Terry and Eunice Aldrich

well preserved Well Preserved Salute 9-12-15 Dr William Fauks

James Mason8-29-15 James Mason

pauline locke>8-15-15 Pauline Locke

gene wells8-1-15 Gene Wells

jay sprague7-18-15 Jay Sprague

nellie george6-27-15 Nellie George

kathy wright6-5-15 Kathy Wright

lisa cochran5-16-15

June Stone5-9-15 June Stone

odessa ross5-2-15 Odessa Ross

evalyn brawley 4-25-15 Evalyn Brawley

zola zinnias 4-18-15 Zola Zinnias

rosetta funches4-11-15 Rosetta Funches

jay baunan3-28-15 Jay Baunan

Robert aldridge3-21-15 Bob Aldridge & Mona

midge sullivan2-28-15 Midge Sullivan

charlie cunningham02-21-15 Charlie Cunningham

ruth burch1-31-15 Ruth Burch

monica maskil1-24-15 Monica Maskil

geneva norman 1-17-15 Geneva Norman

Betty Edmondson1-3-15 Betty Edmondson

12-27-14 This week's Salute is a very special one - watch this video to see how Robin Gunn & Family surprised her mother, Bobbie Diffee Gunn with a gravestone 57 years later for her twins who died after 10 minutes of life.

Lou Ann Rice12-20-2014 Lou Ann Rice

well preserved Well Preserved Salute 12-13-2014 Barbie Hall and Joanne Williams

Don Wright12-07-14 Don & Carol Wright

karen gale11-29-14 Karen Gale


11-15-14 Loc Le

don wright veteran 11-8-14 Don Wright

richard johnson 11-2-14 Richard Johnson and wife Ruth Ann

Elmer Norton12/05/15 Elmer Norton - Employee of the quarter at NewView Oklahoma

11/28/15 Nancy Tarpley... at 82, she never misses a Senior fitness class!

10-19-15 Trish Emig

10-10-15 Orville Hanson  


9-26-15, Beverly Jane Michalik

9-2-15 Shirley Smith nominated by Dennis Helm

8-22-15 Morgan Green  nominated by David Orwig

8-8-15 Gracie Donohoe Baptist Village Communities

7-25-15  Billie Haynes

7-11-15  Bonnie Bley - 91 years old!!

6-13-15 Max & Mary Hively

6-20-15 Nancy Moore

5-30-15 Lawanda Allison 5-23-15 Annie Ezell


George Platt OKC 4 - 4-15 George Platt

3-14-15 Gilbert & Barbara Forest

3-7-15 Nedra Funk

02-14-15 John and Katie Kimbo Married 51 years!

vera doughty 2-7-15 Vera Doughty

Karén Khanagov 1-10-15 Karén Khanagov

Martha Goodwin 11-22-14 Martha Goodwin

ed perry 10-25-14 Edward E. Perry

david orwig 10-11-14 David Orwig

Everett Attebury 10-04-14 Everett Attebury

dr-hall-duncan Dr. Hall Duncan 8-2-14

Joyce Drew 7-19-2014

7-5-2014 Billie Richards

06-28-14 Eva May Harper

virginia-hoppes Virginia Hoppes 8-9-14

bob-and-betty-schreiner Bob and Betty Schreimer 7-26-14

 Joan Joan-Colee 7-12-2014

henry-benedict 08-30-14 Henry Benedict

art-evans 08-23-14 Art Evans

anita-roesler-well-preserved-salute 8-16-14 Anita Roesler, retiring after 29 Years with the Metro Library

richard and mary parker 09-20-14: 65th Anniversary sweethearts, Richard & Nancy Parker

mary-fuller 9-13-14 Mary Fuller

rita122 9-6-14 Rita Grieb

john sullivan okc 10-17-2014 John Sullivan WWII Vet

09-27-14 Daughter Loli, Manola, Amy & Lucy- Manola Hembekides

6-21-2014 Delois Webb
charles henager06-14-14 Charles Henager
Judy Coleman06-07-14 Judy-Coleman
Mary-Lou Coppin AC_AX_RunContent('height', '42', 'width', '288', 'src', 'new_site/WellPreservedSalute', 'autostart', 'False', 'loop', 'False', 'controller', 'true', 'bgcolor', '#FFFFFF', 'autoplay', 'false'); //end AC code 05-31-14 Mary-Lou Coppin
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Share the wealth with the Marjorie Mosel Fund - Make checks payable to the OSU Foundation, Marjorie Mosel Fund, #20-83590. Mail to OSU Foundation, 400 S. Monroe, Stillwater, OK 74076. Read about her endowment scholarship here (pdf).

Eugene Brown 4-26-14

Fern Corley04-12-14 Fern Corley

Betsy Braver04-05-14 Myrtle Faulkner

Iris Phelps03-29-14 Iris Phelps

Betsy Braver03-22-14 Betsy Braver

Millie Wright03-15-14 Millie Wright

Ruby Frye03-08-14 Ruby Frye

02-22-14 Bobbie Gray Diffee Gunn

03-01-14 John & Norma Dowdy

02-08-14 Peggy Walker

02 15-14 Nina Davis

02-01-14 Sue Longwith

01-25-14 John & Genny Brewer

01-11-14 Juanita Moore

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