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Each week on the show, Euncie honors a senior who is an example of preserving their health, wealth and freedom! These are the “Well Preserved Salute of the Week”.
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Well Preserved

with Eunice Khoury

Eunice Khoury is also the host of News Radio KTOK 1000’s popular show, “Well Preserved with Eunice Khoury”, every Saturday at 7a.m. on KTOK 1000. This is a one-hour call-in show with tons of vital information for seniors. Eunice Khoury has made it her mission to help senior citizens maintain their health, wealth and the freedom to live life their way. She has geared this show and her financial advisory business towards making sure seniors have the means and knowledge to live the fullest lives possible.

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Real Estate taxes...do you understand how your Tax Money is Spent?
Live in the Studio is Larry Stein, Chief Deputy with the Oklahoma County Assessor's office. Learn how the state spends your money. Larry will be ready to to answer your questions.
Also joining us with helpful tips and ideas Shannon from Comfort Keepers.



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“Eunice cares...and she knows her stuff!”

Eunice Khoury is a Dave Ramsey endorsed local provider!

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