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Tune into “Well Preserved with Eunice Khoury,” at 9 a.m to 11 a.m. Saturdays on iHeart Media. Known as a community member with expertise in Medicare, Eunice has spent nearly 20 years sharing vital information with people ages 55 and above. She’s geared her radio show and her financial advisory business to help ensure seniors have the means and knowledge to live the best lives possible.

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Well Preserved with Eunice Khoury

Well Preserved with Eunice Khoury is the longest running senior focused radio program in Oklahoma. Each week, topics are discussed to make a difference in your life on News Radio KTOK1000 every Saturday at 9 a.m.

The show offers vital information for adults ages 55+. Eunice Khoury has made it her mission to help senior citizens preserve their health, wealth and the freedom to live life the way they choose! She has geared this show and her financial advisory business towards making sure seniors have the means and knowledge to live the fullest lives possible.

Pay Back Saturday

Well Preserved Sponsors will be donating to a local non-profit every quarter.

Requirements to apply:
1. Non-profit that has a focus on Senior issues in Oklahoma County.
2. Complete the application link below.
3. Submit the application to:
4. Applications will be reviewed by a panel and the winner will be contacted on 5/15, 8/15, and 10/15.


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